Chapter Guide & Timeline - A Very Sketchy Guide to What Happens When, so as not to spoil those who haven't yet read the story.
NOTE: This story is a in progress.

Timeline: December 2004

Chapters 1-3

Ivy gets an invitation to Lairg, Scotland. Ivy leaves for Lairg.

Chapters 4-6 Ivy is on the plane to Lairg. Legolas, Ivy and Alastair arrive at the hotel in NYC.
Chapters 7-9 Legolas and Ivy explore the Catacombs. Legolas is up all night.
Chapters 10-12 Legolas and Ivy arrive in Lairg. Legolas asks Haldir for information about Ivy.
Chapters 13-15 Haldir acclimates Ivy to the members of the board. Ivy meets Elden.
Chapters 16-18 Ivy realizes who Elden is. Ivy meets Glorfindel and a few other Elves.
Chapters 19-21 Ivy meets Dan. Elrond shoves Julien out the window.
Chapters 22-24 Board meeting begins. Dan leaves for London.
Chapters 25-27 Ivy is sent out to the stables to see Legolas. Ivy and company return to the house..
Chapters 28-30 Legolas is introduced to Diet Coke. Legolas tosses Julien out the window.
Chapters 31-33 The board meeting (finally) ends. Ivy is introduced to the viewing room.
Chapters 34-36 Elrond and Ivy talk out their differences in the viewing room. Legolas guides Ivy through the darkness.
Chapters 37-39 Ivy participates in her first ritual with the Elves.
Chapters 40-42 Supper with all the Elves. Legolas has dessert in Ivy's room.
Chapters 43-45 Ivy gets to see Legolas' private wing. Legolas takes her into the woods.
Chapters 46-48 Legolas and Ivy in the woods.
Chapters 49-51 Legolas, Glorfindel & Ivy get the deer ready. Legolas and Ivy visit the old house.
Chapters 52-54 Legolas and Ivy return to the new wing for lunch. Ivy visits Ithilien's old library and looks at some old artwork.
Chapters 55-56 Legolas, Ivy, Elrond, Glorfindel, Haldir have a discussion in the old library.
Chapters 57-59

Get ready for the ceilidh!

More to come!  


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