This short was the result of a challenge on the MA list: "Write a fic wherein someone steals and uses a line out of Moulin Rouge: "Tell the boy it's over." This was the instant result.


Obi-Wan knew it was wrong to eavesdrop. Every time he'd done it, ever since his Master in the creche had taught him Force-enhanced hearing, he'd had a problem with eavesdropping. He seldom heard anything Coruscant-shattering; most of the time he picked up tidbits of gossip and nothing more.

Tonight he'd been instructed to weed Master Yoda's personal garden by way of a meditation on mindfulness. Was it his fault that he'd not been paying attention during astronav class? Yes, he'd been mooning over his Master and the new physical relationships they'd begun only a few days before, wondering what he could do that night to make Qui-Gon scream out his name as he had the night before....

Actually, yes, it was Obi-Wan's fault. But he wasn't sorry, not at all. It was a pleasure rather than a punishment to tend Yoda's garden. To sink his hands into the cool soil and root out the offending weed. To replace the dirt and caress the living Force surrounding the plants, encouraging them to grow. He'd have much to tell Qui-Gon about, how each plant felt different, how he felt that he understood the living Force just a bit better than before this 'punishment.' How he thought he would have done well in Agri-corps... Not that he wondered about that lost life. No, not at all. He was where he belonged: with Qui-Gon these past five years, at his side and now in his bed.

In his bed. Where he belonged.

Yoda's garden wasn't very large, and it was tucked away in the north quadrant of one of the Masters' gardens. Visitors seldom came here, so Obi-Wan was surprised to hear the sound of voices on the path just over the protective stone wall.

"Qui-Gon, you are insane."


"Because he's only nineteen. Too young to commit to a relationship with you and keep that commitment. What he's feeling is infatuation, not love. At some point, he will leave you."


Slamming up his shields as his joy turned to a combination of nausea and fear, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and bowed his head. His fingers dug into the soil, but all joy had faded from the action. //To young... I've loved him for as long as I can remember, have never wanted another. Never. How can I be too young?//

"The infatuation will end," Mace continued on a growl. "Go to the boy. Tell him it's over."

"Go to hell, Mace."

Regardless Obi-Wan's shields were up, he could feel the fierce protectiveness, determination, and unshakeable confidence his Master felt. His fears dissolved, Obi-Wan grinned at the dirt.

"Qui-Gon, you're a fool."

"No. I just know my Obi-Wan."

The conversation continued as the two Masters strolled out of hearing. It didn't matter; Obi-Wan had heard enough.



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