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Based on the TV Series that was based on the Tanya Huff novelsl.

Buffy and Spike only.

Duncan, Tessa, Connor.

Movie-verse and alternate universe fanfiction featuring Legolas, Mithrandir, Elrond.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi - Intimate slash.

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Vampire Bear

Sequel to the first season episode Gifted, opening directly after the last scene. Vicki is upset, and Henry offers comfort. G, Romance.




Buffy calls Angel while Spike is sitting right there in his office. G, Fluffy romance, no warnings. Pub. 8 December 2006. (Written by me using the pen name of Grave Tidings.) COMPLETED.

Memory Box - Part 1 of 2

Buffy is heartbroken after Spike dies and Sunnydale sinks. She inherits Spike's writing box and discovers she can write to him via mystical means. Superficially inspired after seeing "The Lake House." 20,012 words, PG-13, Romance. No warnings. 20,012 words, PG-13, Romance, angst. No warnings. Pub. 3 September 2006. (Written under the pen name of Grave Tidings, Candlekeeper.) COMPLETED.

Memory Box - Part 2 of 2

Buffy and Spike set about building a life together in London after they are reunited. PG-13, Romance. angst. No warnings. Pub. 7 December 2006 WIP Written under the pen name Grave Tidings, Candlekeeper.

Moving On

Follows "The Girl In Question". Who actually brought the head to Los Angeles, and why? 3,133 words, PG-13, General Fic/Romance. No warnings. Pub. 19 July 2007 (Written under the pen name Grave Tidings.) COMPLETED

Through Other Eyes

Revamp of 'that scene' in 'Seeing Red' and goes healing AU from there. This is what I wish had happened. 4,126 words, PG-13, General Fic. No warnings as the bathroom scene from this episode is entirely avoided. Pub. 17 July 2006. (Written by me using the pen name of Grave Tidings.) COMPLETED.

Out of the Woods Continuation of the episode, "Into the Woods." Riley is gone, and Buffy visits Spike on her way home after Riley flies away. COMPLETED
Spike Answers Your Questions I created these Spike Q&A's for the Marsters Sanctuary, where I posted as Mac. James Marsters' monthly Q&As were used as a springboard. Each Q&A was posted on the same day JM posted his, using whatever questions lend themselves to 'Spiking.' No mockery or lack of respect is intended, and no actors or vampires were harmed in the composition.PG-13 for Language. Pub. 2006-2007. .
LIttle Bird Long drabble featuring William/OFC in London, just after he's been turned.This was only supposed to be a few paragraphs. It grew to five pages. I'm thinking of continuing this in the present day, but am not sure it if would hold anyone's interest. PG-13. Dark fic, character death (not William). Pub. December 2006. (Written by me using the pen name of Grave Tidings.) COMPLETED



Charing Cross Road A bookstore owner discovers a Watcher's archive on computer disk and tracks Duncan to Paris. Cowritten with Greenwood and posted here with her permission. First appeared in the fanzine, Of the Clan MacLeod I, published in December 1995.
Connor's Song Duncan is devastated by Tessa's death, so a desperate Tessa asks Connor's help in coming back. Cowritten with Greenwood and posted here with her permission. First appeared in the fanzine, Of the Clan MacLeod I, published in December 1995.

A Trip to the Faire

Duncan, Tessa and Richie participate in a renaissance faire. This was a lot of fun to write; cowritten with Greenwood and posted here with her permission. First appeared in the fanzine, Of the Clan MacLeod I, published in December 1995.
Canwyl Corph Mourning Alexa, Methos travels to Wales. Cowritten with Wills and posted here with his permission, this story first appeared in the fanzine Of the Clan MacLeod 2, published February 1997.
Death's Hands Methos helps Duncan find out who murdered a friend's daughter. Cowritten with Greenwood and posted here with her permission, this story first appeared in the fanzine Of the Clan MacLeod 2, published in February 1997.
The Rocks Remain Duncan returns the MacLeod sword to Rachel in Loch Shiel, Scotland. This story first appeared in the fanzine Of the Clan MacLeod 2, published in February 1997.



Daughter of Time

Chapter Guide HERE

OFC - no slash. Legolas never left Middle-Earth, but stayed behind to look after Aragorn's children--most specifically the first-born daughter of each generation. This generation's daughter was never prepared to believe in Elves, much less Legolas. Romance, Angst, PG_13. WIP with Greenwood.

If you want to go directly to new chapters, see the Chapter Guide link HERE.

In the Eye of the Beholder

King Thranduil arranges for his youngest son to bond with Lord Elrond. Mayhem and angst follow. Legolas/Elrond MILD SLASH. First-Time, Romance, Angst COMPLETED Co-written with Greenwood.

In Your Perfect Time
(Links at right)

A Mithrandir and Legolas Gentle Slash Series
by Greenwood & Wednesday

Inspired by this:

"I was suggesting to Peter yesterday he should insert some love interest for Gandalf in a later [film].
He suggested Galadriel... I said, no, I was thinking more of someone like Legolas."
--Sir Ian McKellan, Sunday February 17, 2002, The Observer

Everything in these stories is fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. No real person slash (RPS) is contained herein.

An ongoing series wherein the Wizard and the Elf very much belong with each other. Gandalf/Legolas EVENTUAL MILD SLASH, but no chan. Much angst, First-Time, Romance, Drama PG-13 WIP with Greenwood. Also ties in to "Daughter of Time".

You need to read these stories in order or they won't make sense.

Prologue -- While waiting in Rivendell for the Fellowship to depart, Gimli is confused by a bit of intimacy he observes between Legolas and Gandalf. Pre-slash, no chan. Completed March 2002.

Through the Heart of a Child -- Legolas and Mithrandir meet for the first time. Pre-slash, no chan. Completed April 2002.

First Time -- Legolas receives his first haircut at the hands of Gandalf. Pre-slash, no chan. September 2002.

Wild Child -- Legolas is left behind with Lord Elrond in Rivendell for the first time after Mithrandir must resume his duties. Pre-slash, no chan. WIP

Five Hundred Arrows - (Work in Progress) Elrond feels young Legolas has betrayed him regarding the breeding of a horse. Dire emotional consequences follow. NO CHAN, NO SLASH. Please read the other four stories in this series also archived on this site or you won't get what's going on. WIP

More are planned, including:

The Gift of 2,000 Days - Mithrandir has places to go, fireworks to deliver, and he takes young Legolas with him.

As the Raven Flies - Legolas and Mithrandir are separated while Legolas's education at Rivendell continues. They communicate via feathered messengers. Legolas's messages do little to comfort Mithrandir, so he is eager to get home and see his Elf. (No ravens will be harmed in the creation of this story.)

To Die - Mithrandir is injured and dying, and Legolas blames himself.

Romance is Dead, Long Life the Wizard - Legolas and Mithrandir return to Rivendell only to discover that Legolas is now considered one of the most eligible Elves available. In desperation, he confesses that he's already bonded, but to whom?

Through the Darkness

Someone goes looking for Gandalf in the dark. (Written on a dare.) G/OFC, Yucky Romance, PG. Completed January 2002.

Faire Middle Earth
(to be written after "Daughter of Time" is finished)

Legolas, Mithrandir and Elrond find themselves in Maryland at a summer faire dedicated to Tolkien's characters.PG-13, Angst/Romance. WIP with Greenwood.



These stories were originally posted under several pen-names. My schizophrenic self has settled on one pen name now and retired the others. The pen-name under which I wrote the story is mentioned beneath the credit of each story's title page. Most recent stories are at the top.

Grounded By Lightning

Qui-Gon is left by a lover, and Obi-Wan is determined it will never happen again.Q/O, First-Time, Romance,R, completed March 2002.

The Master's Touch

Obi-Wan struggles with his sexual relationships from age 18 onward. Qui-Gon helps, of course.Q/O, Romance, SLASH, PG-13 to NC-17, completed November 2001.

The Heart Bleeds Black

Obi-Wan reviews his life and looks for his Master after death. (I've been told that the title doesn't match the story for this, and I agree. I may retitle this and use the old title in another story later.) Q/O, Romance, Angst, SLASH. PG-13. Completed October 2001.

Spit It Out

A leaky mailing list and Jedi bubble gum. Silliness. Q/O, Silly, SLASH. G. Completed October 2001

Tell Him It's Over

A conversation overheard by Obi-Wan in the Temple gardens. Q/O, SLASH. PG-13. Completed February 2001.

Being There

I depressed myself reading "Dead Padawan Stories" on Master Apprentice. This was the result. Obi-Wan cannot train Anakin without Qui-Gon's help. Obi-Wan cannot train Anakin without Qui-Gon's help.Q/O, AU, Angst, IMPLIED SLASH, PG-13. Written as "Renaissance." Completed February 2001

The Gift

"Transmute (15th century): To change or alter in form, appearance or nature, and especially to a higher form." It happens to Obi-Wan, in ways he never dreamed possible. Master and Padawan must go forward from there. QG/OW, Alternate-Universe, Angst, Romance, SLASH, R. Part 1 completed by Wednesday writing as "The Raven" in June 2000. Part 2 is still pending (sorry).

Master of My Soul

That Scene happened but Qui-Gon didn't die, and OW must deal with his own inner realizations regarding same. QG/OW, Angst, Romance, SLASH PG-13.By Wednesday writing as "The Raven." Completed June 2000

Mourning Has Broken

(Sequel to Tengri, below)

Tengri and Obi-Wan meet after Qui-Gon's death. (Read "Tengri," listed below, first.) QG/OFC, PG, Angst, Non-Slash. By Wednesday writing as "The Raven". Completed approximately January 2000.


Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan encounter a woman from Qui-Gon's past.QG/OFC, R, Romance & Drama, Non-Slash. Completed June 1999 by Wednesday, writing as "The Raven." Completed June 1999

The "Tell Me a Story" TPM Series
by Wednesday writing as "The Biting Fairy"and Greenwood writing as "The Dusty Mathom"

The "Tell Me a Story" series follows canon... sort of. In this universe, Qui-Gon did join the Force on Naboo, but Anakin is able to sense him after death and they're able to talk. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan share stories of Obi-Wan's apprenticeship in the form of flashbacks, sort of like bed-time stories that move beyond bed-time.

These stories were meant to be snapshots of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's intimate relationship as Master and Padawan, but intimacy doesn't necessarily mean sexual expression, and no slash or chan elements were intended for these stories. Some readers on another list couldn't seem to wrap their mind around such a concept, so The Dusty Mathom and I decided that it was easier if we just shrugged and posted the stories where we know we wouldn't be crucified for any perceived slash/chan elements.

The series was inspired by Anakin's words to Obi-Wan in the Phantom Menace novel, Rogue Planet, on page 205:

"I dreamed I was with Qui-Gon," Anakin said. "He was teaching me something...I forget what." The boy smiled and stretched his arms. "He said to tell you hello. He said you're so hard to talk to."

The stories appear below in the order they were written. If you read the first one first, the order of the rest doesn't matter.

Tell Me a Story

Qui-Gon tells Anakin a bedtime story about Obi-Wan. QG/OW, Non-Slash, PG. Completed August 6, 2001.

Calamarian Teeth

Obi-Wan leans about one of Bant's anatomical wonders. QG, OW, Non-Slash, PG.Completed August 12, 2001


Anakin is sick with a fever; Obi-Wan tells him of when the same happened to him.QG/OW, Non-Slash, PG. Completed August 20, 2001


"Hope is lost only if we make no effort at all." Obi-Wan learns that one Padawan can make a difference to thousands of lives. QG/OW, PG, Non-Slash. Completed September 20, 2001

Night Noise

Anakin studies for a test, and Qui-Gon snores. QG/OW, PG, Non-Slash. Completed October 15, 2001


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